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Accession number 1997.059
Catalog Number 1997.059.001
Description Emergency Flying Ration MK II AM (British issues) Ref. No. 27P/7:
"The DINGHY RATION (one tin food, 4 cans WATER per man) its designed to keep you going until you obtain other assistance. Care of the water ration is of the greatest importance. Water should be preserved until you are really thirsty and should be used sparingly. Hold it in the mouth for a time, gargle with it and swallow slowly. It can be measured in the graduated drinking cup provided. NEVER DRINK SEA WATER.
The ENERGY tablets should be taken only on instructions from the officer in command. Instructions to this officer are printed on the carton and repeated on the leaflet inside.

WATER PURIFYING Tablets are included in the first-aid outfit. They are for use with fresh water from a source not definitely known to be safe. They are not for use with sea-water."

"Contents: barley sugar, chewing gum, malted milk tablets, energy tablets"

Pat. No 464,364
Reg. Des. No. 809,365
Pat. No. 425,312
Reg. Des. No. 794,715

Schneider served in England with the 351st Bomb Group from 1943-1945.
Collection Schneider, Herbert
Event World War II
Subjects Food
Material Metal